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Stockholm, SE
Thursday, March 21, 2019

The National Day of Sweden – June 6th

Swedish National Day is celebrated all over Sweden on 6th of June. This is the day to experience the Swedish-ness. Swedish King and Queen...




Still Lake Mälaren via boat

Stockholm Lake Malar / Lake Mälaren

As a lovely freshwater lake and the third largest in Sweden, Lake Mälaren is the idyllic spot in Stockholm for a morning...

Visit ABBA The Museum, Stockholm

Relive the everlasting magic of Sweden's most famous musical export with ABBA: The Museum, a celebration of their classic evergreen songs and popularity. Interactive exhibition An...
Stockholm Solnedgång/sunset

Monteliusvägen – View Stockholm Solnedgång / Sunset in Stockholm

Only a few places around the world exist where the simplicity of the location makes them stand out. For a discerning traveler, these places...


Vasa Museum Stockholm

Vasa Museum Stockholm – A treasure from the 17th century

If the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have amazed you and taken your imagination on a voyage full of adventure and excitement, then the...

Icebar stockholm – Absolute must for your trip!

Are you visiting Stockholm, and plan to visit something memorable? We can tell, Icebar Stockholm is a Must! Icebar Stockholm, right in the heart of Stockholm is...
Vasa museum in Stockholm

Visit Vasa Museum Stockholm

Vasa Museum Stockholm When in Stockholm, you should certainly visit Vasa Museum, the most famous museum in Sweden, which receives over a million visitors every...


The Deliciously Stinking Surströmming

There is a good possibility that when Phoebe Buffet asked the question "Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?" in the hit...