Stockholm Arlanda Airport – 5 ways to reach Stockholm City from Arlanda Airport

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Have you ever been to an airport and have no idea how to reach the city center in the best way? Yes, we all have been there. In every city transfer from Airport to City is different. In Stockholm, we have several options for transfer from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Stockholm City Center.

In this article, a detailed explanation is provided on 5 possible ways to reach Stockholm City. Different aspects of travel like Reliability, Speed, Comfort, and Price are also discussed, to make your choice easier.

“My choice of transfer changes from time to time, depending on how much money & time I have for the trip.” – Sandra, Göteborg

Depending on how much money and time you have, the choice of transfer from the airport can change. For several business visitors, the most optimal way is to use Taxi, and for many backpackers, SJ (Local Swedish Train) is the best option. Let’s get more into details for the best transfer option.

Arlanda airport is nearly 40km away from Stockholm city center. So, whats the best way for You? We suggest 5 main options to travel from Arlanda airport to Stockholm center.

  1. Arlanda Express
  2. Flygbussarna Airport Coaches
  3. Taxi from Arlanda to Stockholm Center
  4. SL – Stockholm Local Traffic (Storstockholm Lokaltrafik)
  5. Door to Gate – (Shared coaches service from Flygbussarna)

1. Arlanda Express – Faster, Comfortable & Reliable

Arlanda Express is the fastest way to reach Stockholm City Center. It’s little pricey, but indeed its most secure and quickest way. It depends on a lot of which time of year are you traveling, but price varies between 250Kr to 350Kr. Also, if you are a student, youth (under 26) or child (under 18) you pay less.
For example; if a kid (anyone under 18) is traveling with you, the kid can travel for 100% free. For youth (under 26) the price could be 150Kr for one side.
If you book your ticket 14 days in advance, you get a pretty good discount also.
You could read latest prices for Arlanda Express on this website: Arlanda Express – Prices

2. Airport Bus (Flygbussarna) – Cheaper, Comfortable & Reliable

These busses stand right outside the Airport. They have sort of rainbow on their body. You can buy their tickets from Arlanda airport once you land. They are very fast, reliable and cheaper too.

3. Taxi – Faster, Comfortable & Reliable

Getting a taxi from Arlanda airport to downtown Stockholm is the quickest way to reach Stockholm city. It is fast, secure and reliable. Several companies operate in Stockholm but beware NOT of using a Taxi without any marked sign of Taxi. It takes nearly 30 min to 45 min to reach from Arlanda airport to Stockholm center. (depending upon the flow of traffic).

Taxi market in Stockholm in deregulated, which means its competitive but not under government control. Once you get outside arrival hall, follow the signs for Taxi. You will find several lines of Taxis with multiple companies. Select the car/company which suits your need. Most cars can accommodate 4-5 passengers. There are bigger Taxis too, which can accommodate 6-8 passengers. Most of the time, there is a Taxi Rank Officer present, who can help you.

Taxi Price

It’s always a good practice to ask the driver about the price, to avoid any unpleasant surprises. There are several fixed price taxis they charge a set amount for a complete journey within a region. Kindly see the attached picture of the area, and make sure that your destination is inside the region.
Some taxis will not have a fixed price, in this case, they will use Taximeter. Once you start the journey on these Taxis, make sure that driver has turned on the meter.

Once you finish the journey, always ask for a receipt. This will make sure that the driver is not cheating, and take any extra amount. Most of the Taxis in Sweden accept Credit card. Try to avoid using cash in Sweden.

Depending on your taste; you can choose the type of Taxi car. They come in different shapes and sizes. If you want to take a ride on Tesla, then Taxi Kurir will make your dream come true. We can assure you that you would enjoy your trip.

Top three Taxi companies in Stockholm are:

Sverige Taxi

They are the most prominent operator Taxi in Stockholm. They charge more than 400Kr for getting to Stockholm from Arlanda airport. You can read more on their website:

Taxi Kurir

They are most famous and trustworthy in all companies. Their fares are very competitive, and their service is speedy. You can book the taxi on

Taxi Stockholm

Like most of other taxi companies, they are also fast and reliable. Make sure to check their prices first, as it can vary based on which part of Stockholm you are going. You can read more about them on 

4.1 – SL – Cheapest, somewhat Reliable, NOT very comfortable

SL is the cheapest way of getting to Stockholm. This way is not faster, it takes nearly 1 hours. It’s not most comfortable also, as you will need to change your bus and hop on to a train in between.
First, from Arlanda Airport, you will need to get a bus to Märsta Station. From Märsta Station,  you will change the bus and get on a train toward Stockholm City. You can use the same ticket, which means you will get from Arlanda to City in nearly 30Kr. Even though it’s longer, many travelers use this method because it’s cheap and somewhat reliable.


4.2 – SJ – Faster, Comfortable & Reliable

To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it? But who has any right to find fault with a man who chooses to enjoy a pleasure that has no annoying consequences, or one who avoids a pain that produces no resultant pleasure?

5. Door to Gate – Faster, Comfortable & Reliable

This is a new service started by Flyggbusserna a while ago. This is a shared ride from Airport to Stockholm City or from your hotel/home to Airport. The disadvantage is that you need to use their app to book the trip. They have no customer support (yet) and it’s hard to navigate to their website.
You can visit their website here: Doot to Gate