Best cafes for brunch in Stockholm

Brunch in Stockholm
Brunch in Stockholm

A culinary revolution is taking place in Sweden. What started as unique concepts like foraging and farm-to-table has developed into something a lot more than just gimmicks. There’s an honest approach to food when it comes to eating in the country, made bigger by festivities that revolve around the various ingredients which are part of the local culture. The use of old methods along with the modernity of the presentations has led to an improvement of the flavour profile, admired by food lovers who visit the country for its gastronomic delights. A Brunch in Stockholm is an exciting experience; we are here to help make this experience memorable for you.

At the very centre of this revolution is the natural love that Swedes have for all thing’s food. A joyous affair, favourites like cinnamon buns, surströmming, lingonberries, cuttlefish and the likes are celebrated throughout the year and form an important part of Swedish everyday life. Prized by the residents, this openness to food isn’t limited to only regional ingredients. There is obvious pride in homemade food, but at the same time, a want to experiment with global cuisines makes Sweden a top culinary destination.

One of the most significant aspects of cooking in the region is the idea of sharing it with friends and family. Whether it is the famous smorgasbord or the traditional Lördagsgodis, food is an excuse to get together as a community and enjoy precious moments with loved ones. A somewhat present-day extension of this thought process is the trend of a weekend brunch. Sweden loves the relaxed atmosphere of slowly enjoying dishes full of fresh ingredients. As a result, brunch has become a standard affair adored by all ages throughout the country.

As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is at the centre of the country’s culinary delights. Food enthusiasts have lots of options that range from Michelin starred fine-dining restaurants to traditional bakers who serve the most delicious freshly toasted goods. Equally loved, and a lot less hard on the pocket are the quaint family restaurants, often the last remaining torchbearers of the traditional form of cooking. Keeping up with the changing generations, Stockholm is also full of lovely cafés that are sure to impress photo-hungry Millennials while at the same time adding a different characteristic to the culinary map of the city.

The brunch in Sweden is a warm blend of the old with the advanced, and unlike most other places in the world, doesn’t always consist of the buffet styled, all you can eat, selection. The buffet is slowly becoming a thing of the past as gourmands prefer the exquisiteness of an a la carte menu. For the restaurants, it makes things easier and prevents possible food wastage, an issue Sweden is at the forefront of tackling. In addition to this, working individually with specially curated dishes the chefs can use more exotic ingredients, making the quality of each plate more detailed. This change might be a little expensive as the buffet has always been an excellent way to save money, but no one seems to be complaining too much about it.

Top cafes for brunch in Stockholm

The café culture in any city is a window into its individuality. Stockholm is no different and presents food lovers with plenty of possibilities that not only serve good food but also guarantee an experience that is sure to remain in mind until much after a meal ends.

We have made list of top 7 cafes for brucnch in Stockholm. This lis includes:

  1. Greasy Spoon – Södermalm
  2. Vete-Katten
  3. Cfé Schweizer
  4. Café Pascal
  5. Nybrogatan 38
  6. Fabrique Stenugnsbageri
  7. STHLM Brunch Club


1. Greasy Spoon – Breakfast & Brunch, All Day, Everyday!

There’s an ever-present hipster vibe that revolves around the Greasy Spoon. Whether it’s the name itself, the menu that’s all about avocado on toast and dipping eggs, or the somewhat unusual fired-egg logo, the warm aura of the café is one of its biggest attraction.

No reservations mean the weekend brunch scene at the Greasy Spoon is a busy affair. Walk in late, and you can expect to wait a good hour before being seated. Nevertheless, the food is worth every minute spent standing in the line outside. The Eggs Benedict at the restaurant is recommended by pretty much everyone who has ever had them, and the all-day breakfast menu is a joy for foodies who treasure comfort food at odd hours of the day.

The young and welcoming staff makes visiting the Greasy Spoon all the more pleasant. The wooden interiors consist of a jukebox, colourful walls, with lots of natural lights pouring in during the day through the big windows.

Started by two Englishmen who, upon their arrival in the city, couldn’t find food that was “English” enough, the menu at the Greasy Spoon has beautifully presented Western European and American style dishes with a modern twist. And, if you end up loving the place, there is the possibility to take a little part of the café back home through their web store that sells apparel, coffee, gift packs, and even pretty teacups.

2. Vete-Katten

Old world charm oozes from every corner of Sweden’s oldest and largest patisserie. Vete-Katten has a history that dates back to 1928 when Ester Nordhammer started the bakery. Up until 1961, the year that Ester died, the café employed only women adding to its legendary status. The following decades saw Vete-Katten change hands a few times, yet each owner made it a point to keep the legacy of the café intact. Finally, in 2012 Johan Sandin, who has been part of the team since 1997, took over the restaurant and till this day continues to shine a spotlight on Sweden’s baking heritage through the variety of products served at Vete-Katten.

The restaurant is spread out over different rooms and even a back garden that opens up during the warm summer months. The food is European, not just limited to local classics. However, every part of it is made fresh from scratch on a daily basis.

There’s a simplicity to Vete-Katten that is endearing, a reminder of its modest past. The food comes out on plain white porcelain whereas the big display attracts visitors with goodies that cover the entire spectrum of the sweet and the savoury. Mind you, the contents of the glass case do thin out as the day goes on so make sure to visit early morning to get a wider variety of the selections.

Vete-Katten is the perfect place to partake in the classic Swedish tradition of having coffee with a cinnamon bun and some Princess cake. And for those lazy days, when going to the nearby café can seem like a tedious job, Vete-Katten even delivers bread, biscuits, jams and cakes to adjacent areas.

3. Café Schweizer

It’s difficult to walk past Café Schweizer and not spend a couple of minutes appreciating its beauty. Oranges are a constant theme, and anyone is likely to get curious about the bags of peeled oranges outside the café. The window takes this idea a step further by creating a wall of bright oranges as part of the display that tempts the casual wanderer to step inside.

The staff at Café Schweizer is not only knowledgeable but also eager to interact with customers about the food they serve. Their freshly squeezed orange juice is legendary while the sandwiches are perfect for a quick bite in-between exploring the city.

The interiors of the petite Café Schweizer are a different story altogether. The graffiti-filled walls and the distraught wooden furniture complement the union of the ancient with the original. It’s hip and chic at the same time, the ideal place to snap a few photos and show off on social media.

4. Café Pascal

Known for its delicious shrimp sandwich, Café Pascal recently won the prestigious Gulddraken award for “Best Café in Stockholm”. The minimalistic looking exterior contrasts with the eccentric, yet stylish interior that consists of unfinished brickwork and modern photographic art prints.

Café Pascal’s popularity makes it a busy eating joint throughout the week. Still, a helpful and friendly staff promises smooth service and coffee that is admired by the harshest of critics.

Owned and operated by three siblings, an intimate sense of family runs deep in the soul of Café Pascal. Moreover, it collaborates with smaller bakers and coffee roasters to make the experience of eating a community effort, very much a part of Sweden’s food philosophy.

The menu is carefully prepared and is a feast for the eyes as well as satisfying for the appetite. The food preparations are Café Pascal’s biggest draw and feature both traditional and modern versions of Swedish favourites.

5. Nybrogatan 38

Mixing the hip with the established and the classic with the avant-garde, Nybrogatan 38 is a dining room, bar, and open area café all rolled into one. Its flexibility makes it a favourite stop with tourists and locals. The definitive Swedish fare along with essential European plates add to its fame, giving patrons a reason to return again and again.

There’s a modest grace to the place that walks the thin line between fine and casual dining. Dogs are allowed in the bar and outside, and yet Nybrogatan is fitting for an important business lunch or a few drinks with friends. The diversity in its customer base echoes in the menu that boasts meatballs, rabbit, and omelettes.

Nybrogatan 38 is a new breed of restaurants that cater to different individuals in the same space. The informality of the ambience is an attractive feature which makes it accessible and thus regularly busy.

6. Fabrique Stenugnsbageri

The quintessential bread shop and bakers, walking into Fabrique is a pleasurable awareness for all senses. The smell of freshly baked goods tingles the nose whereas the sight of bread stacked up against the wall is salivating.

Part of a chain with outlets in London, the café highlights the love for baking that Sweden has. The variety on offer is mindboggling, and customers have alternatives aplenty be it a regular loaf of bread or the country favourite cinnamon buns.

Fabrique is a no-fuss shop with minimalistic décor that has a hint of an industrial feel to it. The food takes priority over anything else, and while the décor is pretty and inviting, there are no grand designs that take away from the multisensory experience the mouth-watering food brings about.

Patrons can grab a quick bite while on the move or enjoy the customary and more relaxing Swedish Fika, Fabrique Stenugnsbageri is a welcoming change in anyone’s daily routine.

7. STHLM Brunch Club

A fashionable café that is extremely popular with the local crowd, STHLM Brunch Club serves a variety of comfort dishes which have their origins in England, America, and Mexico. It’s not unusual to find a long winding line outside the café over the weekend, no matter the weather. On the bright side, the Brunch Club is kind enough to offer hot Fairtrade freshly brewed coffee and blankets for free to its patrons waiting in line.

The décor of the café has a growing appeal to it with wooden tables and metal chairs, somewhat copying garden style furniture. The food follows suit with healthy and contemporary offerings that include vegan choices as well. Considered among the best cafés in Stockholm, the coffee here comes decorated with “foam art” that is sure to impress any sharp drinker. In addition to this, the warm blue hues of the plates on which food is served add a touch of colour on the otherwise brown tables.

STHLM Brunch Club isn’t without its speciality that is both impressive and overindulging. The Freak Shakes are Instagram friendly concoctions that take the humble milkshake and explode it with over-the-top confectioneries that include sprinkles, chocolate, and even doughnuts.

The pleasure of dining in Stockholm is that food isn’t just limited to ingredients, tastes, presentations, and flavours. The process of going out and participating in a routine that comes naturally is a holistic practice that satisfies not just the stomach, but also, more importantly, the soul.