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Visit Stockholm - The Capital of Scandinavia

Welcome to Visit Stockholm page. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, also often called the capital of Scandinavia.

You will find all the information needed to make your trip to Stockholm memorable. The objective is to make sure you enjoy your trip to Stockholm at its best. Most of the information provided here is from the perspective of locals so that you could know all the tips and tricks to enjoy your stay in Stockholm.

Travel attractions in Stockholm, historical places, Stockholm restaurants, bars and Stockholm Travel Guide by locals will be here for you.

Drottningholm Palace – Kungliga slotten in Stockholm (UNESCO World Heritage)

Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm is one of the most beautiful palace in Stockholm. History of 400 years, with beautiful garden and Chinese Pavilion makes it an attractive attraction for tourists.

Skogskyrkogården – The Woodland Cemetery (Unesco World Heritag)

It might seem a little unusual, but Skogskyrkogården is a cemetery in the heart of Stockholm that is also commonly visited by locals and tourists. A...

Stockholm Lake Malar / Lake Mälaren

As a lovely freshwater lake and the third largest in Sweden, Lake Mälaren is the idyllic spot in Stockholm for a morning walk or...

Visit ABBA The Museum, Stockholm

Relive the everlasting magic of Sweden's most famous musical export with ABBA: The Museum, a celebration of their classic evergreen songs and popularity. Interactive exhibition An...

Monteliusvägen – View Stockholm Solnedgång / Sunset in Stockholm

Only a few places around the world exist where the simplicity of the location makes them stand out. For a discerning traveler, these places...

Visit Gamlastan – Stockholm Old Town

The old part of any city is always a place of wonders from the ancient past. It often stands in contrast to the newer...

Vasa Museum Stockholm – A treasure from the 17th century

If the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have amazed you and taken your imagination on a voyage full of adventure and excitement, then the...

Best cafes for brunch in Stockholm

A culinary revolution is taking place in Sweden. What started as unique concepts like foraging and farm-to-table has developed into something a lot more...

Top five Best burger in Stockholm

Are you looking for the best burger in Stockholm? An evening with friends, beers and the best burger? We will make a list of top...

Abba Museum Stockholm – Walk In, Dance Out

Do you remember the Swedish pop group ABBA? ABBA were global superstars who dominated the pop music scene around the world in the 1970s...