Christmas market Stockholm – 7 Markets you must visit in 2017


Gamlastan Julmarknad / Old town Christmas market

The old town / Gamlastan is famous for its historic buildings, cafes, and Vikings heritage. Before Christmas, Gamlastan gets it Julmarknad, the Stockholm Old Town Christmas market. This market is one of the most popular Christmas markets. You can find several smaller shops selling Christmas delicacies. Starting traditional Glögg to cheese and Christmas gifts, one can see much more in this market.

Glögg is tradition Nordic drink, which is made of red wine with spices. It is mostly drunk warm, which makes it very practical during Swedish coldness.

Skansen Julmarknads

Skansen Julmarknad is the most traditional and historical Christmas market in Stockholm. You can go there during weekends, and enjoy the authentic Swedish taste. You will see the Traditional Swedish Dance, Swedish handicrafts, Swedish candies and several other Swedish traditional gifts. If you are planning to buy a Swedish gift for someone, this is the place to go.

Entry to Skansen Julmarknad is not free unless you have yearly entry card. As this market is set up only during weekends, it is full of people which makes it more fun.

The ticket price for Adults is 160Kr, 140Kr if you are a student and for Kids between 4-15, the price is 60Kr.

You can read more about the ticket price here: Skansen Ticket Prices.

Bondens Egen Julmarknad (The Farmers Christmas Market)

If you want to visit farmers own Christmas market, then this is your first choice. They open only on Saturdays at Katarina Bangata between 10:00 to 15:00.

You could read more about Farmers Market here: Farmers Christmas Market


There is a beautiful Christmas market in Sigtuna. This is a little outside of Stockholm, but this is a beautiful place to visit. They are open between 11:00  to 16:00 from November 26th until December 17th.

You can find all the details here: Sigtuna Christmas Market


Little outside Stockholm center, a beautiful Christmas market is established for your visit to Drottningholm.

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