Fotografiska – Art in Stockholm

Fotografiska in Stockholm
Fotografiska in Stockholm

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Fotografiska Stockholm is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. Fotografiska was only founded in 2010, so it is quite new. The duo of Per Broman and Jan Broman, both brothers, are the men behind this meeting place for contemporary photographers.

Fotografiska Stockholm is a center for contemporary photography. It is located in the Södermalm district of Stockholm. It is a photography center, and not a museum, as it does not host any collections. It is a for-profit organization and does not conduct any research on photography.

The objective behind the development of Fotografiska Stockholm was to have a special place where photographers from all over the world could get together and share their knowledge. Another goal was to host exhibitions from renowned international photographers and to encourage up and coming local Swedish talent.

There are four large photography exhibitions hosted at Fotografiska Stockholm every year, in addition to the 20 smaller exhibitions that are regularly hosted here. The exhibitions hosted at Fotografiska feature works from some of the most famous photographers in the world, such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Annie Leibovitz, Albert Watson, Sarah Moon, Anton Corbijn and Sally Mann.

Visitors can participate in photography workshops and learn different photography techniques from professional photographers here. There are many popular photography courses that are taught in Fotografiska by some of the best photographers in Sweden.
Apart from the photography exhibits and the many photo galleries, you will find a bookshop and a souvenir shop. You can buy books on photography and copies of some of the most famous photographs in history at the shop. In fact, Fotografiska Stockholm sells photographic prints online to a worldwide audience at

There is a nice little restaurant around here as well. In fact, the Fotografiska restaurant has been the recipient of the highly prestigious Gold Dragon Award and is famous for the quality of the food served there. It was declared as the second best museum restaurant in the world in 2016.

It is currently managed by the world-famous chef Paul Svensson.
The very first photography exhibition hosted at Fotografiska featured the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. It was titled “A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005 with Annie Leibovitz.” This was followed by one of the most successful photography exhibitions held in Sweden ever, “On This Earth, A Shadow Falls” by ace photographer Nick Brandt.

Apart from events related to photography, Fotografiska Stockholm hosts music concerts, art exhibits, and other cultural events. It is a must visit for anyone who is interested in photography and compares well with some of the biggest photography centers in the world, including those in New York, London, and Singapore.

Even kids will love visiting Fotografiska and getting their photos taken here in special photo booths. You can visit Fotografiska Stockholm between 9 am to 11 pm all days of the week. It is only closed on Midsummer’s Eve and Christmas Eve.

You can get to Fotografiska by taking the subway to Slussen. You could also get to the place by boat, should you want to. It is certainly a great place to take your family to.