Günter korv in Stockholm – A place for luxry german sausage in Stockholm


Günter korv Stockholm is the place to be if you are a food lover. When we talk about Sweden, the place is full of amazing food places where you can go and have the best food. When it comes to famous places, we all actually know about them. Today, I am going to tell you a not so very famous but yet an amazing place to try in Sweden. It may not b a big fancy restaurant but it surely has won thousands of hearts by the amazing food quality that it provides.

Little did the owner himself knew that his hot dogs would become this famous. Let’s talk about this amazing place’s history.

Günter korv history

Gunter Korv in Stockholm is a small shop, selling sausages/hot dogs. The shop was founded by Gunter Schwarz, the man in 1980s introduced a wide, amazing variety of sausages than it was normally presented in Swedish kiosks.

One of the reasons for this shop being so amazing, it provides variety of food. Thanks to the owner. Back then when he started this business, the sausages were served on baguette bread with his own handmade chimichurri sauce, which he named “Hojhojsas.” It also included sauerkraut as an important accessory. The sausages of the place also got famous for their delicious flavor more full of meat than the normal ones. This man has done wonders in introducing the varieties and making people’s taste buds go crazy. Sadly, he died in February 2007, but his hot dog shop remained firm and it was operated by his relatives, and now, it is owned by Turkes Guclu.

About the “Korv” i.e. Sausage

Enough about the history, now let’s talk what this place offers. Gunter Korvar, is probably the best fast food takeaway place. Not saying it because I’m writing this article, I have got it from people’s review, they all love this place. The sausages of the place are beyond amazing, one of the reasons why this place made it to the travel guides. It surely is one of the most popular places for locals. Now, it may be a local place to visit, but it surely is worth it.

Good to know before visiting Günter korv

There may be a little problem for you if you only speak English. Since it’s a local shop, the menu is in their language. There are a number of options from which you can buy, like what kind of hot dog you want, but they are not explained in English. The owner, however, is the sweetest guy you will meet. He is all there to help you out.

Let me help you with the famous hot dogs here. Double Thuringian wurst and Kabanoss, these two are among the most popular hot dogs here. You can choose whatever accessories you like them to eat. The whole choice is yours.

This is one of the must-try places. You won’t regret your decision. So, go on try their hot dogs, this place is surely one of the best in locals. You will love the food here