How to say I Love You in Swedish

I love you in Swedish
I love you in Swedish

Would you like to say I Love You in Swedish?

Have you found a Swede, and want to convey your love to him/her? Well, we are here to make it easier for you. Communicating Love in Swedish is as important as any other language. Saying the right words for Love is very important; as communicating Love in any language is what bring joy in Life. The Swedish language is full of words and sentence to communicate love with others.

The most used way to say I love You in Swedish is Jag Älskar Dig. This simply means I love You in Swedish.
Let’s break it down: Jag is I, Älskar is To Love, Dig is You.

In a more easier way; Jaag Als-kaar Day.

Saying Jag Älskar Dig in Swedish is more for intimate relationships. It not appropriate to say it to Friends, but of course, it could be said to Parents.

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