Kajsas Fisk – The best fish spot in Stockholm


A quaint little eatery situated inside a food market, Kajsas Fisk is unassuming and charming at the same time. Specialising in fish and seafood, they use the freshest ingredients daily to serve up some delectable preparations.

A 30-year-old legacy, Kajsas Fisk is a Stockholm institution, and the highlight of any meal in the restaurant is their special Kajsas Fish Soup. Warm, comforting, having just the right consistency, the fish soup is extremely popular with locals and visitors alike. It consists of generous amounts of fish, muscles, and shrimp with the addition of aioli for some intense flavor.

Some of the other memorable eats include the classic Fish and Chips, Fried Strömming, as well as oysters and smoked salmon on toast.

The restaurant is also a favourite for being inexpensive. However, to experiment more with the ingredients, every Friday the chef at Kajsas Fisk prepares a special “luxury tasting menu” that is available only in the evening.

Another exciting aspect about the restaurant is that it has a relatively limited menu that gives it a certain exclusivity. The food, as a result, has gone through numerous tastings and modifications and perfected regarding flavors and tastes over time.

Simplicity at its best, Kajsas Fisk is an important and essential stop on any culinary journey through the city of Stockholm.