Monteliusvägen – View Stockholm Solnedgång / Sunset in Stockholm

Stockholm Solnedgång/sunset
Stockholm Solnedgång/sunset

Only a few places around the world exist where the simplicity of the location makes them stand out. For a discerning traveler, these places are ordinary viewpoints, without much to offer, but for true admirers, they are idyllic spots to appreciate and acknowledge the beauty of everyday life. In every city, there are hidden places to enjoy solnedgång, which means Sunset in Swedish. To enjoy Stockholm Solnedgång; Monteliusvägen is best place to enjoy sunset in Stockholm.

Stockholm Sunset from Monteliusvägen

Monteliusvägen is a 500-meter path along Lake Mälaren with expansive views of Stockholm’s City Hall and the islet of Riddarholmen.

Popular with the locals and city visitors, the route is close to the Söder Ferry Station and forms a part of an up and coming neighbourhood that has seen a rise in eccentric cafes, art galleries, and stores over the last few years.

However, Monteliusvägen is itself in a quiet area, filled with beautiful houses, breath-taking views, and spaces with benches to sit and take in the surrounding gorgeousness.

Sunsets are especially romantic, whereas the city comes under a brand-new light when viewed from Monteliusvägen during sunrise.

Photography from Monteliusvägen, Stockholm

For photography enthusiasts, it is a textbook vantage point perfect for panoramic scenes of the city’s skyline that glows brightly in the afternoon sun. To take a picture of Stockholm Solnedgång or Stockholm sunset, make sure you arrive some time early. A clear sky, or cloudy sky this place will surely make your picture look beautiful.

Ideal for a gentle stroll, the walking path does comprise of going up and down stairs with a few steep climbs. Good walking shoes go a long way, and while hand-rails are placed to make the path more comfortable, it can get a little slippery during the winter season.

One of the best places in the city to have a picnic, the charm of Monteliusvägen is never-ending, a break from the hustle of everyday life, to be cherished with some peace and quiet.