Sandhamn Stockholm Archipelago


There’s no denying the fact that the Swedish love to party and they always make the most of the few warmer months they get. Sandhamn is one of the rare locations in the capital that becomes the hotbed of all kinds of fun activities during the summer days.

Part of the Stockholm Archipelago, situated on the island of Sandön, some 50 kilometers from the central city, Sandhamn or “Sea Harbour” is an excellent day trip or an overnight excursion with rich maritime history.

Sailing is an integral part of Sandhamn, and the Royal Swedish Yacht Club is a big part of its heritage. Regular ferry service runs from mainland Stockholm to Sandhamn, an island that has a permanent population of around 100, which increases to a couple of thousand in the summer. However, close to 100 thousand tourists visit the island annually, making it a bona fide destination of choice.

The Round Gotland Race held on the island is one of the premier sailing races in the Baltic Sea and is the reason why Sandhamn is among the most notable sailing locations of the world.

There is a lot more to this charming town than just sailing or water sports. Quaint little inns and restaurants are equally beautiful attractions where visitors can stay and eat in authentic and traditional places and enjoy the cultural specialties of Sweden.

Inland, it is possible to hire bikes and discover the tracks that lead you past the many houses and natural gorgeousness of the pine forest that takes up the majority of the interiors. For those that can’t live without taking in the rays of the sun, Trouville Beach is an excellent place to be and is situated a comfortable 20-minute walk from Sandhamn port.

Whether it is a bit of boating or kayaking that you want to do or take part in a summer festival complete with music and food, Sandhamn will undoubtedly impress you with its diversity and stunning scenery.

How to travel to Sandhamn?

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