STHLM Brunch Club – Brunch in Stockholm

Brunch in Stockholm at Sthlm Brunch Club
STHLM Brunch Club

So you are planning a brunch in Stockholm? STHLM Brunch Club is one of the top recommendation from YSweden.

This place is so much in demand, that its hard to get a place there. On weekends, the queue could be 30min to 1 hour long. But, this place is worth your wait.

There is no booking system atTHLM Brunch Club, this means one must go early and stand in a queue to get their exclusive and tasty breakfast. On weekends, before 10 is mostly no queue, but as time passes the queue gets longer and longer.

Queue at STHLM Brunch Club
Early morning queue at Stockholm Brunch Club

The menu at SBC is diverse, including breakfast, milkshake and fruit bowls and much more. They have a special weekend menu too at Stockholm Brunch Club.

You could find their Menu here – Sthlm Brunch Club Menu

For their milkshake menu, click here: Sthlm Brunch Club Milkshare Menu

For the weekend menu; click here: Sthlm Brunch Club Weekend Menu

One of their popular dishes isBAGEL with smoked salmon and Avacado. This includes a toasted bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon and smashed avocado.


BAGEL with smoked salmon and Avacado
BAGEL with smoked salmon and Avacado

Another dish, that’s very tasty and worth trying is Club Special Full Veggie. It includes 2 organic eggs poached, fried or scrambled, Portobello mushroom, tomato, avo, sundried tomato salsa, hummus & fried bread.

When you are at STHLM Brunch Club, you can’t miss their Fluffy American Pancakes with seasonal berries. This is a Must!

Fluffy american pancakes
Fluffy American pancakes

Overall, the breakfast/brunch experience at STHLM Brunch Club is worth the price. Some people can complain that it’s little expensive, which is correct, but all good things have some price to pay. Overall; it is worth your visit if you are planning to have a good brunch in Stockholm. Or, why not just for a warm cup of Swedish coffee?

Coffee at STHM Brunch Club
Coffee at STHM Brunch Club