Stockholm Canals


Whether it is in Venice or Amsterdam, a certain romanticism is always attached to the very idea of canals. A lot many first-time visitors to the city of Stockholm are amazed by its extensive canal system. An integral part of local transport, very much like its European counterparts, the canals in Stockholm are lovely tourist outings as well.

Taking into account travellers of all ages and interests, the tours that operate on the canals of the city consist of sightseeing trips that last a few hours to the ever-famous Hop On Hop Off option that takes visitors to all the major spots in the city. Moreover, with audio guides in various languages, they provide the necessary information on all the major landmarks that you pass along on your way.    

The most significant advantage of being on the canal ride is that one can admire the astoundingly stunning beauty of Stockholm with fresh eyes while gently swaying down the waterways. Under the various bridges and alongside green pastures of land, the scenery is continuously changing and a delight to experience.

Ample photography opportunities arrive whence walking on many paths that run alongside the canals. The setting of the waterways is perfect for a romantic ride on the boat, especially when the lights of the city switch on in the evening.

Called the “Venice of the North”, Stockholm’s canal system serpents through the 14 islands that form a part of the city creating just the right mood guaranteed to cheer up the most stubborn of travellers.