Stockholm Lake Malar / Lake Mälaren


As a lovely freshwater lake and the third largest in Sweden, Lake Mälaren is the idyllic spot in Stockholm for a morning walk or a lazy afternoon swim. Its natural prettiness consists of an area that extends for 120 kilometers from East to West and comprises of picturesque islands as well as iconic buildings on its shore.

Activities around Lake Mälaren

The charm of Lake Mälaren lies in the fact that besides being an excellent spot for picnics, it also provides fresh drinking water to Stockholm and has a bustling fish population making it a perfect location for some free fishing activity. It is even possible to hire kayaks or take a boating excursion that highlights some of the most scenic spots around the lake.

Like there is so much to do on the lake itself, there are activities galore and places to see all around it. A must visit spot in Lake Mälaren is Birka, considered the first city of Sweden. Situated on the island of Björkö, Birka is the site of 8th century Viking remains which makes it an essential part of Stockholm historically and culturally.

Just like Alcatraz is known around the world, Sweden has its own former prison island in Långholmen. Now, the island boasts of a sandy beach and breathtakingly gorgeous hiking trails into the woodlands.

View of Lake Mälaren

But if you are looking for some panoramic views of the lake and the Old Town of Stockholm, then the arch bridge of Västerbron is the place to be. Sadly, it did get the label of a “suicide bridge” early on, but recent years has seen a change and now love locks are found clamped on its rails instead.
Lake Mälaren is a vital part of Stockholm that bring about a natural sense of wellbeing to the capital city. Preferred by locals as well as visitors, it’s the ideal excuse to get out and be one with the environment while taking in all that it has to offer.