The National Day of Sweden – June 6th

Swedish National Day celebrations
Swedish National Day Celebration at Skansen, Stockholm

Swedish National Day is celebrated all over Sweden on 6th of June. This is the day to experience the Swedish-ness. Swedish King and Queen join rest of the public and celebrate the National Day at Skansen, Stockholm’s open-air museum.

“Most fascinating, memorable and pleasant experience while in Sweden was to celebrate Swedish National Day in Stockholm.”

Before 2004, National Day was not celebrated as its done today. That was because there was no holiday. This all changed in 2004 when Swedish Parliment voted for a public holiday on Swedish National Day.

Every year; people wear Swedish traditional dresses, sing songs and enjoy the holiday with Swedish Pride.

Swedish National Day celebrations
Swedish National Day Celebration at Skansen, Stockholm

You must visit and experience the joy & happiness of Swedish people on their National Day”

This day is very special for Swedish people, they celebrate it with pride with their fellow citizens. Not only in Stockholm but in every city there is a celebration. If you could, that’s one of the best days to experience Swedish culture.

Swedish flag on National day
Swedish flag

On 6th of June, Swedish King and Queen also visit Skansen, Stockholm. They spend this day with public, and its best day of the year to see Swedish King & Queen live in Stockholm. If you get lucky, maybe you could present them a bouqette of folower too.

Swedish King and Queen on National day
Swedish King and Swedish Queen on National Day in Stockholm.

This day is to celebrate Swedish-ness, and being proud of our heritage

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