Top five Best burger in Stockholm

Stockholm best burger
Stockholm best burger

Are you looking for the best burger in Stockholm? An evening with friends, beers and the best burger? We will make a list of top burgers in Stockholm to make your life easy. This selection of the best burger place in Stockholm will present the best burgers and their reviews.

Ranking the burger places from top to bottom is hard, but we took the challenge. Just so you know, the difference between 1 and 5 is not significant, whereas the difference between 1 and 10 is not a lot. This means; if you eat at any of these ten restaurants, you will not regret your choice.

The Flipping Burger

The best burger in Stockholm; with no doubt is “The Flipping Burgers”. They know how to make their burgers, with amazingly soft fresh bread, perfectly cooked meat and the sauces are just amazing.

Bastard Burgers

On 2nd place; we have ranked “The Bastard Burgers”. They have very soft, juicy and tasty burgers in Stockholm.

Barrels Burgers & Beer

Barrels Burgers & Beer is on number third for the best burger in Stockholm. Located in Gamla Stan, this place is unique in a different way. Freshly made bread, juicy meat patty and a pinch of black pepper make their burger so tasty that you will end up sucking your fingers.


Franky’s was one of our top favorite for several months, but now its place has been taken by others. They still make burgers which will take your taste buds to an amazing journey. Franky’s has a limited, but carefully selected menu. Their (double) Franky’s Original is the absolute classic.

Miss Behave Bar

This is the only place where it’s not about “Just The Burger”, but they still do a great job with making great burgers. Right beside Gamla stan, overlooking the water this place makes their burger with lots of love and care. This place is little more pricey (maybe due to location), but indeed their burgers do the justice to the price.