Top 5 Swedish Souvenirs – You can’t miss them on your Swedish trip

swedish souvenirs
swedish souvenirs

Top Five Swedish Souvenirs

If you are visiting Sweden, then you are most likely to bring back Swedish souvenirs as reminders of your trip. The Swedish culture offers many interesting items that are unique to this area of the world and make for fascinating gifts. The next time you are visiting Sweden, consider purchasing one or more of these interesting items so you can fondly remember your stay.

A Dala Horse

swedish souvenirs dala horse
Dala horse – Top selling Swedish Souvenir

This simple toy originated in the Dalarna region of Sweden where it gets its name. This is the most sold Swedish souvenir. However, it has become an instantly recognizable symbol of the country and one of the relatively few items made for tourists that most of the population has in their homes. While you can purchase the cheap $5 versions that will not last for very long, a better choice is buying the hand-carved and painted items that may cost you upwards of $30, but they will last for a long time.

Carved Wooden Utensils

The Nordic pale wood that is used to make the carved wooden utensils also makes the furniture, interior decorations, and cottage walls in many parts of Sweden. You can purchase a set of wooden utensils that includes a carving board, butter knives, and cutlery that is all shaped by hand. The good news is that much of the wooden utensils that are hand carved are relatively inexpensive and not only make for good Swedish souvenir but can also be a part of your kitchen as well.

Cloudberry Jam

One of the most sought-after berries in all of Sweden is the cloudberry. A tasty berry that is found in the wild, it’s golden-yellow coloring makes it stand out in the forest where it can be found. Swedes love to put cloudberry jam on their waffles and desserts and provides a unique, sweet taste that must be experienced. Getting cloudberry jam is easy enough and it will last for quite a while in your home, assuming you do not eat it all up first.

Oskars Surströmming


Oskars swedish surströmming
Oskars swedish surströmming

The most famous brand of Swedish canned herring you can find, this delicacy does not carry the most pleasing of scents when opened, but it is a Swedish delight. However, it may be difficult to bring back from Sweden because it has been banned by several airliners because of the tendency of the cans to explode in mid-flight. So, it is best to order it online and have it arrive just as you come back from your trip. Here you can read more about Surströmmig

Salt Liquorice

There is no flavor quite like salt licorice that may in Sweden seem to love. For outsiders, it is a flavor that you might take or leave, but there is no doubting its popularity at least inside Sweden. You can find this interesting flavor in chewing gum, ice cream, and candy which means that you will have your choice of what to take back home. You can stock up at the local candy store, but if you want to save money it’s better to choose the chewing gum since it is cheaper and easier to carry.

The next time you visit Sweden, consider getting one of the top five Swedish souvenirs from this remarkable country.