Top ten cities in Sweden – How many have you visited?

Image of YSweden

There are several towns, municipalities, and cities in Sweden. Do you know which are the top ten cities of Sweden? The top ten cities by population in Sweden are here:

1. Stockholm – The Capital of Sweden

Stockholm is the largest city in Sweden by population. It is also the capital of Sweden. It’s an amazing city to visit.

2. Gothenburg

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3. Malmö

Malmö is in the south of Sweden and very close to Copenhagen. This is a city with diverse cultural heritage.

4. Uppsala

Uppsala is very close to Stockholm, and very popular due to Uppsala University and being a student town.

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5. Västerås

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6. Örebro

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7. Linköping

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8. Helsingborg

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9. Jönköping

Jönköping is very popular for its business school.

10. Norrköping

Norrköpig is 10th largest city in Sweden.