Vasa Museum Stockholm – A treasure from the 17th century

Vasa Museum Stockholm
Vasa Museum Stockholm

If the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have amazed you and taken your imagination on a voyage full of adventure and excitement, then the Vasa Museum Stockholm is just the place to visit. Thankfully, with no pirates in sight, this maritime museum on the island of Dejurgarden in Stockholm celebrates the naval heritage of Sweden.

History of Vasa warship

Vasa was a 64-gun warship set to sail the vast blue seas in 1628. The Vasa ship was capsized in Stockholm. However, it was after just 1400 yards into its maiden voyage on 10th August of 1628 that the ship went below water, only to remain hidden for the next 333 years.

Rediscovery of Vasa

Rediscovered in the 1950s, it wasn’t until 1961 that work began on salvaging Vasa. One of the fascinating aspects of the discovery was that the hull of Vasa was more or less intact in entirety, even after all this time underwater. Initially, the ship found a home in Wasavarvet, a temporary “shipyard”. In 1988 it was moved to its present location at the Vasa Museum.

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum in Stockholm is a treasure trove of information that is sure to educate and fascinate all ages. It covers the history of the ship, the reasons why it never achieved its goal of riding the high seas and then goes deep into the salvaging and restoration process.

As the only 17th-century ship to be preserved and displayed in such a manner, Vasa Museum is a destination of pride for Sweden. Various sections of the museum show the many artifacts recovered onboard, and present visitors with the Vasa experience by having exhibitions and activities, especially for children.

One of the most excellent things of the Vasa Museum is that it does not limit itself to stories revolving around the warship. Instead, the museum uses its space to reflect on the state of affairs in the region during the 1600s with exhibitions that included a look at women and their position in society during the 17th century. Moreover, the garden at the museum plays host to herbs and flowers that would have been commonly used and grown during that time.

As one of the most frequented museums in all of Scandinavia, Vasa Museum is a must visit on any trip to Stockholm. Guided tours in English and Swedish, fantastic displays, and the mystery revolving some of the remaining unaccounted cannons makes it a destination that will undoubtedly fascinate you beyond belief.

Opening Hours for Vasa museum

The best time to visit Vasa museum is summers, but it is open nearly all around the year.

Between 1 September till 31 May,

Vasa museum is opened daily between 10:00-17:00
On Wednesdays, the timings are 10:00-20:00

Between 1 June till 31 August:
Daily 8:30-18:00

On New Year’s Eve; Vasa museum is open from 10:00 till15:00

Remember that Vasa museum is closed on 1 January and 23-25 December

Tickets for Vasa museum

For Adults, the ticket price is SEK 130
For Students, the ticket price is SEK 110 (with valid student ID)
For all visitors who are 18 years and under, its Free of charge to enter Vasa Museum
Remember: Children 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times during their visit.
If you want to buy a season ticket; then it will cost you SEK 200-300. This will give free admission to the Vasa Museum.

More about Vasa Museum

You can read, and know more about Vasa Museum on their website: