Visit Gamla Stan – Crown of Stockholm

Gamla stan stockholm
Gamla stan stockholm

Why must you visit Gamlastan?

So you plan to visit Gamlastan? This place is worth visiting in Stockholm. Gamla Stan or Old Town Stockholm is one of the biggest medieval city centers in Europe. This is where Stockholm was first developed as a city, way back in 1252, and it is still remarkably well preserved. Old Town Stockholm remains the premier attraction in the city and is a must visit for foreign tourists.

Why visit Old Town Stockholm? 

Stockholm, as you know, is an archipelago with 14 big islands, and many smaller ones. Gamla Stan and its adjacent islands of Riddarholmen are famous tourist spots with many attractions. Gamla Stan is full of old historic buildings. There are hundreds of cozy restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other fun places here.

You will love taking a walk through the narrow lanes at Gamla Stan lined up with cobblestones. The buildings around here are painted in different hues of gold, which give Gamla Stan its unique appearance. There are a plenty of stores that sell souvenirs, curious, and beautifully made handicrafts.

You must visit Gamlastan once you are in Stockholm, this is the crown of Stockholm – Abbe, California

You will definitely love walking through the lanes of Old Town Stockholm during winter as that’s when the place looks really like it’s out of the medieval period with cellars, frescoes and vaults on the buildings presenting a stark contrast with the rest of the modern architecture.

Museums near Gamlastan

There are many museums and churches in Gamla Stan, most of which were built in between the 17th and 19th centuries. This place is home to Sweden’s national cathedral, the Stockholm Cathedral. You will also find the Nobel Museum here, an ode to the great inventor and philanthropist, Alfred Nobel, the man behind the Nobel Prize.


One of the most visited places here in Old Town Stockholm is the Royal Palace, which, with 600 rooms, is the tone of the biggest palaces in the world. There are many lovely museums around here, such as the Royal Armory, with royal armor and costumes that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. You will love catching up on the daily changing of guard and the parade of soldiers, which is a popular event watched by hundreds of tourists every day.

Västerlånggatan & Österlånggatan

The main streets of the Gamla Stan district are Västerlånggatan and Österlånggatan. Stortorget is an old square located in the middle of Gamla Stan and acts as the central point of the district. From here, you can take a walk along the oldest street in Stockholm, Köpmangatan, which has been around since the 14th century.

Also worth visiting is the Mårten Trotzigs alley, which is a very narrow alley that is just 90 centimeters wide at certain spots! When in Gamla Stan, make sure to pray at the Riddarholmen Church. This is a historic church, which is adjacent to the royal burial ground. It was once a Franciscan monastery in the 13th century which housed the Grey Brother monks.

How to get to Gamlastan?

The Old Town is easy to get to. You can take a subway to the place from anywhere in Stockholm. The people here are very friendly and helpful to tourists. The narrow lanes here serve as a doorway to Stockholm’s past.

This place is a veritable photographer’s delight – there are so many spots here where you could take stunning photographs to be shared with your friends on Instagram or Facebook.

So when are you visiting Gamlastan?