Visiting Stockholm? Why You Need a “Stockholm Pass” for your trip!

Visiting Stockholm with Stockholm pass
Visiting Stockholm with Stockholm pass

If you are visiting Stockholm, you will find that visiting many of the attractions means waiting in line or having to pay fees before entering. This can take valuable time from your vacation and depend on other factors, may keep you from visiting all the sites that you planned for your trip. The good news is that there is the Stockholm Pass that lets you save time when touring the city.

What is the Stockholm Pass?

This is a pass that you can carry in your wallet or pocket, showing it to the places where they allow you inside along with all those who have paid to get in. The pass itself comes with a guidebook so that you can see all the attractions that is included with your pass. In addition to the guidebook, the pass includes the following;

  • Free Bus & Boat Tours of the Stockholm area
  • Free Entry to over 60 Attractions in the City
  • Travelcard (Optional) to help you get around Stockholm

The over 60 attractions include monuments, museums, and other popular places in the city. The guidebook will provide information on what’s included with your pass. Plus, you can take advantage of free boat and bus tours which offer you views of the city that you might not otherwise experience.

What’s Not Included in Stockholm Pass

The pass does not provide you with access to the public transportation system of Stockholm, only the entrance fee to the attractions. This is where the Travelcard comes in handy if you choose to purchase it as well. Otherwise, you may wind up having to walk around the city or pay for public transportation as you go which can get expensive. The Travelcard will allow you free access to the buses, boats, trains, and trams that run through the city.

Keep in mind that the travel card you purchase will be good for one to five days depending on how much you spend. You will need to keep the amount in mind when planning your trip.

Is the Stockholm Pass Worth the Price?

The pass itself is not inexpensive, especially if you include the optional Travelcard. However, there are advantages to getting the pass for those who have never visited the city before or have a tight time schedule.

Short Travel Time

If your visit to Stockholm is expected to be short, such as over the weekend for example, then getting the Stockholm Pass is a good idea. The pass will save you time when entering the attractions and the guidebook will help you find them quickly. Plus, if you purchase the Travelcard, you can get there even faster so you can spend more time seeing the sights.


Think of the pass as a single ticket that gets you into the locations without having to make a separate purchase. Simply show the pass at any of the attractions and you get in without having to wait to pay separately.

The guidebook and Travelcard mean that you can discover new places to visit in the Stockholm city and have the means to get there quickly and easily. So, if you are planning a trip to Stockholm that will last from one to five days, getting the Stockholm Pass is a good idea.